Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Springdale Title, LLC is implementing procedures to maintain a safe environment so that we may continue to conduct quality closing transactions for our clients. 


We are committed to protecting your health and the health of our staff. Therefore, the following restrictions shall apply to all of our closing transactions:



1) Only individuals that are required to sign closing documents will be permitted to attend the closing. Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers are welcome to attend via telephone or video conference.  



2.) If you are an individual required to sign closing documents and you are ill or at high risk to contract COVID-19, there are several different options available to you. We will discuss those on a case by case basis with each individual as needed. 



3.) For purchase transactions, we will be scheduling the buyer and seller to sign at separate times in an effort to reduce exposure. 



4.) We will also be asking each person who attends the closing to thoroughly wash his/her hands before entering the closing room. We will also issue each person a new pen that has been thoroughly sanitized. 



5.) All closing will take place at a Springdale Title, LLC or American Mortgage Service Company location. (See or for locations in your state). This restriction will allow us to conduct the closing in an environment that we have full control over. At each of these offices we are disinfecting surfaces on a regular basis with great emphasis on extra sanitation directly before and after each closing. 


In addition to striving to keep our closing transactions safe and stress free, we are closely monitoring the activity of courthouses across the state, as many are choosing to close or alter their hours of operation. The ability to conduct title searches and update those title searches prior to conducting the closing is an integral part of the closing process. This is an ever-changing landscape that may affect closings that are already scheduled or need to be scheduled in the near future. As information becomes more readily available we will be reaching out directly to anyone whose closing is affected. 



If you have any further concerns or questions, please contact Ashley Ramsey at



We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time...and as always, we thank you for choosing Springdale Title, LLC.